Ring Size Chart

Don't know your ring size? Download our printable ring sizer that can help you determine your ring size. Important! Prior to printing, ensure that page scaling is set to "100" on your print dialog box.

Tips: If you want to wear stackable rings (multiple rings on one finger) or wide band rings, please consider that the ring should be half or one size bigger than your regular size since multiple rings or wide band rings usually fit tighter than a thin band.

 Download Printable Ring Sizer

International Size Conversion Chart

Diameter (mm)USA & CAUK, EU & AUJP
14.84H 1/27
15.24.5I 1/28
15.65J 1/29
165.5K 1/210
16.456L 1/211
16.96.5M 1/213
17.37N 1/214
17.77.5O 1/215
18.28P 1/216
18.68.5Q 1/217
199R 1/218
19.49.5S 1/219
19.810T 1/220
20.210.5U 1/222
20.611V 1/223
2111.5W 1/224
21.412X 1/225