Unique Zircon Ladies Ring In Sterling Silver


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Brand: HerGood
Product Code:AB-ENG-019
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Simple and glamorous, this exquisite style features a single round cut stone - sparkling enough to symbolize your faithful and timeless love. Express your love for

your heart with this exquisite ring.

Product Specifications:
Primary Stone
Number of Stones : 1
Carat Weight : 0.5 ct
Stone Color :Diamond White
Stone Size :6mmx4mm
Stone shape:Oval
Stone Type :Cubic Zirconia

1. Zircon and cosmetics should be placed strictly separately. Zircon is oil-producing and is easily stained with oil-based cosmetics to reduce surface gloss.
2. Zircon jewelry should be taken off during washing or bathing.
3. Zircon jewelry should be put together with medicines. Some medicines can chemically react to jewelry, causing the jewelry to change color.
4. Zircon jewelry avoids high temperature. Some gems are not resistant to high temperatures, and are prone to dehydration and cracking or discoloration at high

temperatures. If the opal is not resistant to high temperatures, the jade will dissolve the wax layer on the surface above 55 degrees Celsius, reducing the gloss of

the wax.
5. Zircon jewelry avoids violent shocks. Although a lot of inlaid jewelry is designed to be very strong, but the violent shock is not appropriate, if you need to knock

and beat when you work, you should first take off the jewelry.
6. Zircon silver jewelry is easy to blacken after wearing for a long time, which is a normal phenomenon. Soak in ammonia or baking soda or use toothpaste, then wash

with water and dry to restore luster.

Primary Stone Cubic Zirconia
Metal 925 Silver
Stone Shape Oval
Stone Color Diamond White
Stone Size 6mmx4mm
Carat Weight 0.5 ct