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Material: PE
Capacity: 500ML
Shape: round
Function: insulation
Structure: double layer

1.Healthy Lifestyle.Keep yourself hydrated. Aqua helps to sustain your body cell structure and metabolism, as well as keeping your eyes, mouth and nose moisturized, which keeps you fresh all day! Our water bottle is an environmental friendly product which is 100% BPA-free and Phthalate-free.

2.Sensible Design, Standard size and convenient design enable you to bring it everywhere with you, and the wide-mouth design allows you to clean it effortless and put in ice cubes. There is a strap holding the cap and the bottle to prevent lost of the cap and also allows you to hang it up.

3.Use it in a fancy way.When you are sweating or dehydrated, just spray it all over your face to make yourself fresh and moisturized again! When you are tired or sleepy, fill the bottle with icy cool water and spray it to keep yourself awake and energized. And kids will love it too -- play with their pals and spray on their litter plants.