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This ring is the perfect accessory to wear alone or stack up, dazzling, dazzling, pure blue tones.
Undoubtedly the most classic cut, the square cut style is coveted for its versatility and stunning brilliance. If you like timeless charm, this cut is for you. Gloss and sheer blue give an avant-garde and unexpected charm to any style, suitable for the angel's heart.

Product specifications:
Primary  stone
Number of stones: 1
Carat weight: 1.5ct
Stone shape:Emerald
Stone color: Blue
Stone size: 8mmx6mm
Stone Type: Topaz

About maintenance
1. Place each piece of K gold jewelry in a separate jewelry box or drawer to avoid scratching.
2. Clean the K gold jewelry frequently by immersing the K gold jewelry in warm soapy water, gently rubbing off the grease with a soft brush, then rinse it off with water and blow dry with a hair dryer.
3. Due to the high maintenance of gold jewelry, you should be careful not to pull the necklace and other accessories to avoid entanglement in the hair.
4. When doing housework, it is best to remove the K gold jewelry, because the liquid such as detergent will darken the color of the K gold jewelry.
5. Generally wear K gold jewelry in the last step of wearing, because perfume, hair spray and other chemicals will cause damage to K gold jewelry.
6. Do not wear K gold jewelry to swim, in addition to easy to lose, salt water and chlorine water will also damage K gold jewelry.

Metal 925 Silver
Stone Shape Emerald
Stone Color Blue
Stone Size 8mmx6mm
Carat Weight 1.5ct