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Brand: HerGood
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Product Description:
This chic handwriting bracelet turns the handwriting of a loved one into a commemorative jewel. Take a signature or special dear phrase from an old card or letter and create a cute commemorative bracelet for your loved one. It can be engraved on the outside, inside or both.

Bracelet Properties:
Chain length:


925 silver
18K Rose Gold Plating
18K Gold Plating

Upload Steps:
1. Pick the color of your favorite bracelet
2. Upload the image you want to customize the text

Special Reminder:
Our product customization time is 3-5 days, transportation time is 6-10 days, because it is a long time for customized products, please be patient, please understand!
If you have any questions about your order, please feel free to contact me,and custom products do not accept returns.

About Maintenance:
Like other jewellery, if you cherish it, it will repay you with its brilliance. This kind of jewellery does not need to be repaired with very expensive maintenance water. Just avoid acid and alkali and long-term humid environment, usually wear wash water. This is not very influential, in addition, a lot of sweat in the summer should also pay attention.

1. Jewelry is often replaced. The same piece of jewelry should be avoided for a long time. Especially in the hot summer, the jewelry coating is exposed to sweat for a long time and is easy to erode. Therefore, it is best to prepare multiple pieces of jewelry for frequent replacement.
2.Contact with chemicals, jewelry is the most vulnerable. The aroma of bathing, the chlorine in swimming, and the salt in the sea will cause some corrosion to the jewelry, so all the accessories should be removed before bathing or swimming.
3.Collision easy to wipe flowers, storage should be careful, do not overlap the jewelry, dry cloth before storage, dry, stored in the original packaging bag or placed in a jewelry box with a separate small lattice, avoid rubbing each other And wipe the surface.
4.From time to time to clean the jewelry, use a soft brush to sweep the surface of the jewelry, so that the jewelry to remove surface stains.