Personalized Laser Engraved Reflective Dog Collar - Leather


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Brand: HerGood
Product Code:JK211
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Product Description:
These Leather  adjustable dog collars are a great way to make sure your furbaby will quickly be identified if they get lost. We will include the dogs name and a phone number on the collar. These collars accommodate 3 sizes ofXS, S,and M. We have three different colors to choose form  blue,pink,black .


Collar Length:
XS: 7.9 Inch-10.2 Inch
S:10.2 Inch-13 Inch
M:11 Inch-14.6 Inch

Collar Width:
XS:0.6 Inch
S:0.6 Inch
M:0.8 Inch

Upload Steps:
1. Choose the dog collar and font color you like
2. Enter the text content you want to customize (up to 25 characters)

Special Reminder:
Our product customization time is 3-5 days, transportation time is 6-10 days, because it is a long time for customized products, please be patient, please understand!
If you have any questions about your order, please feel free to contact me,and custom products do not accept returns.